Divine Soul Empowerment


Divine Soul Empowerment will lead you into a renewal of your soul’s true purpose. Within this sacred book, you will discover ways to transform the lower vibrations of the personal self in the higher vibrations of your soul. 


Throughout the history of mankind the collective ego has dominated our world. Many of us are fixed in the belief that our life story, our thoughts and emotions are who we really are. Our individual egos create the fabric of the current consciousness which is rooted in fear, division and conflict. This identification with the unreal is the cause of all violence and sorrow. 


What is beyond the mind and emotions? What is beyond the identification with the personal nature of self?


The essence of our true self and the miraculous natural world we live in exists without the mind. The Source of our being and of life itself is eternal pure awareness, a place of unity and peace. In this stateless state, our Divine soul is able to expand into its true potential of unconditional love and light. 


The Council of Light offers these gems in Divine Soul Empowerment:

  • The 7 Transcendent Gateways 
  • The Ascension Way
  • Divine Soul Empowerment Sacred Guidance
  • 11 Divine Soul Empowerments - The Sacred Oracle
  • Divine Soul Care - Energy Field Healing, The Akashic Light, Chakra and Energy Clearing
  • The Art of Divine Breathing, Divine Soul Meditations



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