The Sacred Path of Love - Communion with God

Divinely inspired transmissions that have been received by Jaya Sarada in a meditative, surrendered state to Holy Wisdom. These blessed messages are an invitation to see the truth of wholeness in your limitless essence and to increase your awareness of the love, wisdom, and compassion that is within you. Sacred Love is available to all, and offers the freedom of awakening to who you really are.


Message from a reader, 

"The messages in this book have opened my heart- I love the interplay between the Advaita inspired passages and the heart centered devotional messages. A book of Truth. The messages have directed me to the Christ Consciousness within. Beautiful."  Noelle

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    Our Sacred Centers

    Anjali Healing Center | Portland, OR

    Turiya Soul Retreat | Gleneden Beach, OR

    Jaya Sarada